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Compadres History

The First Compadres :

Held in sunny Phoenix, the first summer rates weekend of May, 1989, it began as an “All Sports Weekend” hosted by “Dollar Bill” Mercer. The idea floated to the surface after missing his Albuquerque flight connection and with too many cervezas with “Slo-Hands” Nelson McCarty. (Hence, slow is good, or we’d never be here now.)

Problem was, all of the attendees had so much fun that to this day, no one can remember the tournament winner. Thus, the first champion is known as “the Unknown Compadre”.

COMPADRES II Phoenix – 1990 Champion Jeff Needs

COMPADRES III Phoenix – 1991 Champion Howard White

COMPADRES IV : As the number of new faces increased it was decided that each year a “Rookie of the Year” would be selected by the veteran Compadres. Criteria for voting is vague at best, but the most votes went to that rookie who screwed all future ‘rookies’ by proclaiming, “I’m Buying!”

1992 Compadres IV Phoenix Champion : Bill Mercer & Rookie of the Year: Dick Tripp

1993 Compadres V Phoenix -Champion: Mike McDonald, Rookie of the Year : Tom Lafleur

1994 Compadres VI Phoenix -Champion: Mike Harsell, Rookie of the Year: Don Colunga

1995 Compadres VII Phoenix – Champion: Will Radford, Rookies of the Year: Dave Hayduk & Dan Clarke Jr.

1996 Compadres VIII Phoenix- Co-Champions: Jeff Uscier & Dick Tripp. Rookie of the Year: Howard Welch

1997 Compadres VIIII Phoenix- Champion: Gary Lubbers, Rookie of the Year: Gerry Snyder. 1997’s event was historic for two reasons. The host/printer knew nothing about roman numerals & a rookie won the tournament. Henceforth, the rookies compete in their own flight.

1998 Compadres X Phoenix -Champion : Larry Wood, Rookie of the Year: Kenny Whitten. Rookie Champ: Damn, we forgot his name… again, to the “Unknown Rookie! “

1999 Compadres XI -Albuquerque -Champions: Larry Williams, Jerry Nix, Brian Flitcraft. Rookie of the Year: Tim Roby. Rookie Champion: Pepper McLaughin

2000 Compadres XII Dallas – Champions: Jim Beach, Jim Mason Jr. Rookie of the Year and Rookie Champion: Scott Ducott

2001 Compadres XIII Bullhead City – Champions: Mark Clark, Dan Lowther, Tom Lafleur. Rookie of the Year & Rookie Champion: Steve Turner

2002 Compadres XIV Prescott – Champion: George Flitcraft.
Rookie of the Year: Dave Bolles. Rookie Champ: Alan Clarke

2003 Compadres XV Pensacola – Champion: Dennis Conway. No rookies were in attendance.

2004 Compadres XVI Palm Beach-Champion: Lloyd Spaulding. Rookie Winner: Tommy Gartman. Co-Rookies: John Beach & Tommy Gartman

2005 Compadres XVII Santa Fe: Champion-Rollie Crawford. Rookie Winner: Simon Brackley . Rookie of the Year: Robert Martinez.

2006 Compadres XVIII Phoenix: Champion-James Mason (#2). Rookie Winner: Pat Sullivan. Rookie of the Year: Mike Heackley.
2007 Compadres XIX Austin: Champion-Jeff Stockman. Rookie Winner-John Bailey.
Rookie of the Year: Duane Hendrickson.

2008 Compadres XX Ft. Myers: Champion-Carl Benanty. Rookie Winner-Sean Van Slyck. Rookie of the Year: Tanner Scott.

2009 Compadres XXI Henderson/Vegas: Champion-Rick Ehrman. Rookie Winner-Jim Olson. Rookie of the Year: Scott Hutton.

2010 Compadres XXII Tucson: Champion-Scott Hutton. Rookie Winner-Nicholas Ballas.Rookies of the Year: Rob Burns & Ron Sims.

2011 Compadres XXIII Destin: Champion-Steve Cafiero. Rookie Winner-JC Amonette. Rookie of the Year: Andrew Wolf.

2012 Compadres XXIV Atlanta: Champion-Don Colunga. Rookie Winner-Brian Hilliard. Rookie of the Year: Kevin Molloy.

2013 Compadres XXV Phoenix: Champion-Jim Beach. Rookie Winner-Ken Bogardus. Rookie of the Year: Jack Sweeney.

2014  Compadres XXVI Destin Co-Champions: George Flitcraft & Denny Bolles  ROY: Tod Agenbroad

2015 Compadres XXVII Mesquite  Champion: JC Amonett   ROY: Andre Gallela

2016 Compadres XXVIII San Antonio  Champion: Tom Hopkins  ROY: Rob Jordan

2017 Compadres XXIX Pinehurst  Champion Carl Brune   ROY: Ryan Beach

2018  Compadres XXX San Diego  Champion Ken Bogardus  ROYS: Joel Garrett & Brian Zanazanian

2019 Compadres XXXI Birmingham Champion Tommy Gartman  ROY: Chris McKenzie

2020 No Compadres due to Covid

2021 Compadres  Sarasota  Champion Greg Berkes  ROY: Erich Schandelwein

2022  Compadres Reno  Co-Champions  Mitch McDonald & Tim Roby  ROY” Casey Meyer